3D Games and Virtual Worlds

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There are several ways to develop 3D games for training.

Depending on the purpose of training, you can use virtual worlds, or you can use specific games.

Virtual worlds' advantage, is that they are designed to share a space where many people gather, and interact with each other. Its disadvantage is the complexity of programming to perform specific tasks, and poor integration with LMS platforms.

On the other hand, specific serious games developments in 3D, have the advantage of being able to present a specific story to the player, gaining in integration with LMS and can more easily verify the objectives achieved by the player.

We are able to develop in both schemes, the choice will depend on the customer's need.

You can download and run locally the following examples of 3D games. (They are compressed using Winrar)

Bank new employee formation

Knowledge Test for driver's license

Detection of hazardous elements in a Kitchen


Juego 3D Juego 3D